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Our First Campervan Holiday

campervan-holiday2I picked up the campervan on Friday morning from Celtic Campervans. Been completely new to holidaying in a campervan I was keen to get out on the road. Stephen kindly showed me how the campervan was operated and gave me the full tour on where everything was inside. The campervan was a lot bigger on the inside and had all the amenities that I needed including, cooker, fridge, bathroom, shower, bunk beds, double bed, wardrobe and a seating area.

I picked up the kids from school, who were unaware of the weekend the wife and I had planned for them. The surprise and joy in their faces made the weekend for us. We headed down to Cork and parked up the campervan in Blarney Camping Site which had all the facilities needed to have a comfortable stay.

We brought the kids to see Jurassic Park that night in the cinema and the following day we travelled over to Fota Wildlife Park where the kids loved every minute of it.

I have to say we were really impressed by the comfort of the Campervan. It was our first family campervan trip and we now plan to have a campervan trip around the country each year. The campervan experience was new to us but we would highly recommend it. The campervan has absolutely everything you would need to have a comfortable and fun experience.

We would like to thank Celtic Campervans for looking after us, we have a load of happy family memories now of our first of many Campervan holidays. We would strongly recommend them for your campervan rental, top class.


Damo and Ivor take on Ireland

Clare, Cliffs of Moher

The creators of Damo and Ivor, Andy and Jules took one of our motorhomes for the week and here’s what they got up to.

So we set off last week in our fantastic Celtic Campervan for a trip around Ireland to see the sites and work on our scripts for series 2 of our TV show ‘Damo & Ivor’. When we first came up with the idea to rock around Ireland in a campervan my first thought was ‘how will I wash my hair?!’ whereas Andy was thinking ‘I wonder if reverse on the gear stick is up or down?’ Well we had nothing to worry about as the campervan has a shower with hot water and reverse on the gear stick is up to the left incase you’re wondering.

We collected the van from Celtic Campervans and the lovely Stephen Bradshaw gave us a full tour and showed us how to use everything in it. It was way bigger in size than we’d even imagined and is kitted out with everything you’d need, a double bed, 2 single beds in bunks, table and seating area, wardrobe, gas grill and cooker, sink, toilet, shower, fridge and heater, pretty much a full gaff on wheels.  We hit the road with our Riverdance CD blaring away and headed to Co.Clare.  Once we had looked up the campsite guide book Stephen gave us we were sorted as it pinpoints all the places to stay over night. So we chose Doolin as our first port of call.  The campsites are great as they have an electrical point there that you hook up to so you can get additional power supply, they also have showers, toilets, kitchens, a mini shop and wifi etc.  You get most of that on the campervan, but it’s still nice to have it there on your doorstep.

The wind in Doolin was like your Grandad after 10 pints of Guinness and a bowl of Brussels sprouts. It was just the time of year though that made it feel like being on the deck of the ship on Deadliest Catch.  The next day we went to visit the Cliffs of Moher which are beautiful, if you’ve seen a postcard you’ll know they’re pretty much cliffs, but the gift shop there is printing money from the bus loads of yanks coming to see them.

We also visited the Birds of Prey centre at the Aillwee Caves.  This was the highlight of the trip. We went on a hawk walk with a falconer named James and he took us out with two hawks called Juan and Sinead and we put on the deadly leather glove thingy and the birds were let off and called back to land on our hands so we could feed them.  James is like a hawk whisperer and we were like two school kids asking him questions as we found them so fascinating. We also saw the birds of prey show and got to hold some other hawks and an owl. As part of your ticket you get admittance into the Aillwee Caves so we decided to have a look. Our tour guide was as much of a drip as the stalactites in the cave. The caves themselves are pretty shite, you’d have the same experience crawling through your own attic at home.

Next we headed off to Kerry and stayed in a campsite in Tralee, no wind there thank God. We drove the Ring of Kerry which was spectacular and great fun in the campervan as we were sitting up at a height and could see all the amazing scenery. We then moved on to Killarney and had a great night on the lash in the town with some mad Kerry lads we met in a pub who recognised Andy from the telly. Seriously sore heads the next day.  We did some more driving around Kerry as the beautiful sights are all around and then headed back to Dublin.  The campervan experience was truly epic and we’d highly recommend it.  You have everything you need on wheels and it’s really comfortable to live and cook in.

Next time we’re going to a festival the campervan is coming with for sure! Thanks Celtic Campervans for looking after us, we got loads of script-writing done and the craic was ninety! We’re very happy campers!

Here’s footage of the amazing adventure – The West of Ireland meets Damo and Ivor

Planning the perfect Motorhome Holiday

Here are some helpful tips when planning the perfect motorhome holiday.

We are all feeling the pinch due to the recession; however that doesn’t mean family holidays have to be scrapped. By going on a motorhome holiday you can enjoy the freedom and relaxation you need without spending a fortune. Here we discuss the best ways to plan your motorhome holiday so that you can save money, stay safe, and enjoy your trip.

Make Sure you Book Early

By booking your motorhome holiday early you will be able to get the best deal and save on expenses such as the cost of caravan and camp sites. If you aren’t lucky enough to have your own motorhome you can easily hire one instead – but make sure you book early so you can get both the vehicle and the weeks you want for the price you can afford!

Always Be Prepared

It’s an age old saying, but preparation is truly important when planning a motorhome holiday. For instance, by organising your journey before you leave you will be able to avoid tragic, which will ultimately save you petrol. Also, instead of stopping for breaks at expensive service stations you could plan to visit small towns throughout your trip and eat at local cafes instead.

Motorhoming truly provides a sense of freedom and relaxation that no other type of holiday can provide.

Enter your dates into the booking engine and plan the holiday of a lifetime.