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London 2012

Olympic Games are fast approaching and by now many people have bought their tickets. Most of the events sold out in record time and the 2012 Olympic Games is now at everyone’s fingertips.

London seems to be buzzing with excitement and apprehension in what we all  hope will be known for years to come as the greatest Olympic Games of all time.

This sporting spectacle is so unique in that all nations and supporters come together and see history in the making. With so many supporters and tourists aiming to hit London during the 27th of July and the 12th of August 2012 accommodation is going to be hard to come by. You may be lucky to find somewhere but then you’ll have the joys of the never ending commute to the stadiums and trying to make sure you’re on the right tube, or in the right location and no doubt these are headaches no one really wants.

That is why we think renting a motorhome is the perfect solution. Park up nearby the stadium or get ahead of the crowd and drive to the location the night before – doing this makes sure you’re completely destress before it ever becomes an option and then you can really enjoy the 2012 London Games and soak in the atmosphere.

Breakdown the costs of your holiday between 4 or up to 6 people and  you’ve an extremely affordable holiday, however the unique experience you’ll share with your friends or family is priceless.

So talk to your friends, get them on board and start planning a trip of a lifetime. Get behind your countrymen and women be there to experience some of the finest sporting moments of a lifetime.

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