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Take a Tour of Ireland’s Lakes with Celtic Campervans

Ireland is blessed with nearly a hundred lakes – or ‘loughs’ as they’re known in Gaelic. These seawater and freshwater lakes are beautiful gems in the rich geographical landscape of Ireland, offering peace and serenity, awesome views and fantastic wildlife. Take a Celtic Campervans motorhome in Ireland around the country’s lakes and you’ll get closer to the natural beauty of Ireland’s loughs.

Nature-lovers are in for a treat when they take a tour around Ireland’s many stunning loughs. Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful in their own right, but they are also home to a dizzying array of flora, fauna and aquatic life. The loughs are teeming with fish so unsurprisingly they are highly popular with fisherman; twitchers find the shoreline of many loughs the perfect opportunity for bird-spotting; while romantics appreciate the changing faces of the loughs throughout the seasons and the picture-perfect dawns and sunsets over the loughs. Ireland boasts the largest lake in the British Isles, Lough Neagh in Ulster which is also among the 40 largest lakes in Europe. Many of Ireland’s loughs are large enough to keep both solitary nature-lovers and gregarious adventure-lovers happy. The latter can enjoy kayaking, water-skiing, sailing and even scuba diving on many of the larger loughs while most loughs, both large and small, have quiet spots for some solitary fishing or nature watching.

Campervan rental in Ireland is arguably the very best way to tour Ireland’s loughs because it allows tourists to get closer to nature than by any other means; in the case of some loughs, even allowing them to camp on their very shores*. A motorhome is the perfect base from which to explore the lush landscapes of the country’s loughs and is a practical and comfortable home-from-home which will be welcomed when it comes to exploring some of the more rugged lough landscapes. Camper hire in Ireland also affords flexibility. Should you arrive at one lough only to realise you’ve been beaten to it by a horde of tourists, you can change your schedule at the last minute and simply keep on the open road until you reach the next lough. Alternatively, if you find the fish are biting particularly well at a lough you’d only planned to visit for a few hours, you can decide to stay there for a good few days without being held to anyone else’s itinerary.

The length of Ireland is dotted with some of Europe’s most beautiful loughs: discover them in a motorhome in Ireland with Celtic Campervans.

*always consult the local regulations regarding permitted camping areas

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