Bela Easy Macau

The BELA easy MACAU is unique in its design with entry to the motorhome through the rear. This gives the motorhome that special feeling of the extra class. The motorhome is only 5.90 m long and has the kitchen situated in the rear. The kitchen provides ample space for cooking and cleaning. If you want to relax and go for a daytime nap there is a long side bench available to rest on.
A large wardrobe provides extra storage space and there is plenty of room in the bathroom for freedom of movement.

The large wardrobe has plenty of storage space and the spacious bathroom also allows enough freedom of movement. The heated alcove gives you plenty of space to relax with a sleeping area sized at 155 x 201 cm.

The new 2017 model is equipped with the new Citroën Motor Euro 6 Blue Hd with 2 engine variants of 110 – 160 HP.

Bela Easy Macau

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