Bela Trendy 1S

The BELA trendy 1s is one of the two different versions in the new BELA trendy 1 series. The BELA trendy 1 xs is measured at 4.99 m long, while the trendy 1s is 5.16 m long. Both campervans have the same height and width of 1.92 m and 2.69 m respectively. The chassis for the BELA trendy 1s is a FIAT Dobló. The campervan is compact but still provides all the storage space and facilities you will need to enjoy a relaxing campervan holiday.

The BELA trendy 1s is ideal for 2 people. The alcove bed area can be used as a storage area during the day. The kitchen is located to the left of the entrance door, opposite the cozy and comfortable dining area. There is a bathroom and shower area situated to the rear of the campervan.

bela trendy 1xs

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