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Campervan Holiday in Ireland

The biggest part of your holiday, even before booking flights or hotels, is planning out what you are going to do for your two weeks of the year. Many of us try and plan out our daily routine and look at what events, festivals or simply listing what towns or landmarks we wish to visit. This will have a major effect on your choice of holiday activities and location.

Most of these plans at some time involve the need to book a hotel and hire a car to manage some of your sightseeing trips. This may seem like the most obvious choice but many people seem to overlook the benefits and cost savings of renting a campervan opposed to booking a hotel and renting a car.
We have put together a list of advantages of hiring a campervan over hiring a car that may be of some help to you when you are planning your campervan holiday around Ireland.

1. Transportation and Accommodation.
When planning your holiday you always try and make sure you stay in a hotel in or as close to your chosen town or city that you wish to visit. With a campervan you won’t need to search for a hotel to stay. Most modern campervans are stylish and have all the mod cons including cooking facilities, shower and bathroom facilities and a dining area that you would need to enjoy your break. So not only you will have your accommodation in order but also you can travel anywhere at any time, ruling out the need to hire a car.

2. Flexible
With your campervan you can decide where you want to go and when you want to leave. There’s no need to worry about getting kicked out of bed early from your hotel. Renting a campervan can give you the flexibility to change your holiday plans or route if need be without the worry of incurring any car rental or hotel charges.

3. Self-Catering
It can be quite expensive having to eat out every night, especially if your B&B is a few miles out of town and you have to drive. Most modern campervans are equipped with the most modern cooking facilities and have plenty of room to store your food. If you are feeling peckish on a long drive then you can easily have someone cook up your favourite snack while you drive. If you come across a beautiful and scenic parking area you can simply park up and enjoy a meal with the family surrounded by the beautiful scenery. The convenience of being able to eat and sleep in the same thing as you are driving is a huge benefit for your campervan holiday.

4. Caters For Group Holidays
Hiring a campervan allows groups to holiday together which can greatly reduce the cost of your holiday. How better to travel to your favourite concert with your mates and have your accommodation sorted at a fraction of the cost of renting a car and then sorting accommodation.
Campervans cater for all from the couple keeping costs down in a budget 2-berth campervan, right up to the family of 6 looking for a luxurious campervan to get them close to nature, mix with the locals and travel across Ireland without being tied to a set itinerary.

Campervan Holiday

Campervan Holiday
So taking these considerations into account a campervan holiday does have its advantages over your typical Hotel/B&B and car rental holiday. So lets go one step further and book your campervan to travel around Ireland to take in our beautiful scenery or travel along the breath-taking Wild Atlantic Way. We have a large fleet of top class campervans including 2-4 Berth and 4-6 Berth campervans. You can get further details on our campervans at Our Campervans. So start planning your campervan holiday with Celtic Campervans. You can easily book with our handy booking engine on the left of your screen or simply call Stephen on +353 (0)87 2794927 or email We guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with the service we have to offer.

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